Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good Morning Sox Fans!


According to some sources, it's not really opening day until you play in this country. Or until her team plays. I, however, count any day as opening day when I get up at 5 am to watch my Red Sox play in Japan for the first game of the season that counts!
And of course, you know we KICKED OAKLAND'S ASS! WOOOO!!!
I wish I could've been in Boston with all the die hards at the Cask-n-Flagon. I wish I could turn the guy above around to see how hot he is and make him drop his R's at me. I wish I had someone to give high five's to. I'll settle for being very grateful that ESPN has these games televised for me.
It's a great way to start the season. Sox at 5am, a win by 9am and thoughts of hot boys with accents the rest of the day...

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christelpistol said...

Major League Baseball's first officially recognized franchise the Cincinnati Reds were historically awarded the privilege of "opening the Openers" and hosted the outings from 1876-1989. Only twice during this time (1877 and 1966) were they forced to debut on the road due to rain. Finally in 1990, the tradition was broken and the Reds were scheduled to appear as the visitors against the Houston Astros. Despite the prestige of being christened as baseball's opening act, Cincinnati has posted an average record of 50-52-1 that has been shadowed by the countless spectacles off the baseline including parades, fireworks, circus performances and the opening of new ballparks in 1884, 1894, 1912 and 2003.

that is all.